We have 30 years experience to draw on when it comes to print. We love to try new stuff, to push the boundaries a little – sometimes a lot – but we know equally when to play safe. Every project is judged on its merits and suitable graphic style suggested and visualised before committing to artwork. We are good at that too!

We prepare pages for a  weekly tabloid size newspaper,  A4 colour magazines and an array of other printed material. Occasional publications, books, brochures, prospectuses, press ads, packaging, point of sale…in fact pretty well everything you can put on a print press.

We have dreamt up identities for a whole host of new and existing companies and organisations and freshened up or re-branded many others.

There is still a demand for high quality print and design despite the increase of on-line information but there’s also a growing demand for low-run digital colour print. We provide a whole range of options for digital print and you may be surprised at the quality of the latest digital output.

You want 100 business cards? No problem. You want 50,000 flyers for a marketing campaign? Fine we can handle that just as easily. We are small, flexible and friendly with plenty of experience.

Gauge O Guild Gazette

The Gauge O Guild Gazette is a quarterly A4 colour magazine. We put the pages together and print 6000 copies which are distributed to subscribers world wide. We have been working on the Gazette since the mid 1990s and the Guild are still happy with design, production and great value for money service we provide.


Forest Products are another long time customer, we have produced brochures, stationery and other printed material for them over the years. We look after their advertising accounts as well as their website.


We have been working with St John’s on the hill for many years producing various print and information material. We currently produce their school magazine – among other things. Another customer that keeps coming back!


Another organisation that still find a use for us after more than 20 years. We print teaching material elements for their National Learning  Department.