Examples of 3d artist’s impressions off plan









Examples of 3d artist’s impressions off plan










Street scene for new development in
Pembroke for Butler Wall Homes


Photographs for sales details before a brick is laid

Realistic images rendered from three dimensional models have proved invaluable sales tools for a number of property developers and house builders we work with. A model is built in a virtual environment from two dimensional plans and elevations and then translated into accurate images of buildings or other three dimensional objects before a brick is laid. These can be rendered to photographic quality to give a realistic impression of the planned structure. Animated walk-throughs or flyovers are also possible using our 3d software.

These types of illustrations are also extremely useful for planning applications or visualising extensions to existing buildings. Images of interiors can also be rendered with accurate lighting values and realistic finishes.



















































































































































































The images begin life as architect’s two dimensional plans and elevations, the measurements are used to draw a scale wireframe three dimensional model. The basic shape is extruded and the roof and openings added.  Depending on the requirements of the final render (how much detail the customer is prepared to pay for) more detail is added like handles, guttering and so on. It can then be determined which is the best aspect(s) to view the building.

The next stage is to assign materials to the surfaces, exact brick, stone, slate or other roofing colours and textures can be matched and applied. The materials are then given properties recognised by the rendering engine, whether surfaces are matt, shiny, dull or satin, reflective or transparent. We can also add texture and bump maps.

Once the materials and textures are applied the lighting values can then be decided. Is the time of day important, would the image benefit from  bright or overcast conditions? The image is ready for rendering once these variable parameters are set. Rendering can take many hours for high resolution images. Final detail and some sometimes extra landscaping is then added in Photoshop to make the image as realistic as possible.